Source code for pynance.opt.spread.core

.. Copyright (c) 2015 Marshall Farrier

Options - spreads (:mod:`pynance.opt.spread.core`)

.. currentmodule:: pynance.opt.spread.core

from __future__ import absolute_import

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

from .._common import _relevant_rows
from .._common import _getprice
from .diag import Diag
from .vert import Vert

[docs]class Spread(object): """ Wrapper class for :class:`pandas.DataFrame` for retrieving metrics on options spreads. Objects of this class are not intended for direct instantiation but are created as attributes of objects of type :class:`~pynance.opt.core.Options`. .. versionadded:: 0.3.0 Parameters ---------- df : :class:`pandas.DataFrame` Options data. Attributes ---------- data : :class:`pandas.DataFrame` diag : :class:`~pynance.opt.spread.diag.Diag` Wrapper for retrieving metrics on diagonal spreads. vert : :class:`~pynance.opt.spread.vert.Vert` Wrapper for retrieving metrics on vertical spreads. Methods ------- .. automethod:: cal """ def __init__(self, df): = df self.vert = Vert(df) self.diag = Diag(df)
[docs] def cal(self, opttype, strike, exp1, exp2): """ Metrics for evaluating a calendar spread. Parameters ------------ opttype : str ('call' or 'put') Type of option on which to collect data. strike : numeric Strike price. exp1 : date or date str (e.g. '2015-01-01') Earlier expiration date. exp2 : date or date str (e.g. '2015-01-01') Later expiration date. Returns ------------ metrics : DataFrame Metrics for evaluating spread. """ assert pd.Timestamp(exp1) < pd.Timestamp(exp2) _row1 = _relevant_rows(, (strike, exp1, opttype,), "No key for {} strike {} {}".format(exp1, strike, opttype)) _row2 = _relevant_rows(, (strike, exp2, opttype,), "No key for {} strike {} {}".format(exp2, strike, opttype)) _price1 = _getprice(_row1) _price2 = _getprice(_row2) _eq = _row1.loc[:, 'Underlying_Price'].values[0] _qt = _row1.loc[:, 'Quote_Time'].values[0] _index = ['Near', 'Far', 'Debit', 'Underlying_Price', 'Quote_Time'] _vals = np.array([_price1, _price2, _price2 - _price1, _eq, _qt]) return pd.DataFrame(_vals, index=_index, columns=['Value'])