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.. Copyright (c) 2014- Marshall Farrier

Data - building labels (:mod:``)

.. currentmodule::

These functions are intended to be used in conjunction
with :func:`functools.partial` to pass to 
For example::

    >>> from functools import partial
    >>> features, labels =, 256,
    ...        partial(, 32))

import pandas as pd

[docs]def growth(interval, pricecol, eqdata): """ Retrieve growth labels. Parameters -------------- interval : int Number of sessions over which growth is measured. For example, if the value of 32 is passed for `interval`, the data returned will show the growth 32 sessions ahead for each data point. eqdata : DataFrame Data for evaluating growth. pricecol : str Column of `eqdata` to be used for prices (Normally 'Adj Close'). Returns -------- labels : DataFrame Growth labels for the specified period skipatend : int Number of rows skipped at the end of `eqdata` for the given labels. Used to synchronize labels and features. Examples --------------- >>> from functools import partial >>> features, labels =, 256, ... partial(, 32, 'Adj Close')) """ size = len(eqdata.index) labeldata = eqdata.loc[:, pricecol].values[interval:] /\ eqdata.loc[:, pricecol].values[:(size - interval)] df = pd.DataFrame(data=labeldata, index=eqdata.index[:(size - interval)], columns=['Growth'], dtype='float64') return df