Date:March 11, 2015

PyNance is open-source software with tools for retrieving, analysing and visualizing data from stock and derivatives markets.


For Python 2.7.x:

pip install pynance

For Python 3.x.x:

pip3 install pynance


Stock quotes maintained by Yahoo! Finance can be retrieved with the simple command:

>>> import pynance as pn
>>> ge ='ge', '1962', '2015')

Current options quotes can be retrieved using:

>>> geopt, geexp = pn.opt.get('ge').info()

The options data retrieved can then be analysed using functions from pynance.opt.

Many of the functions in the submodules of have been designed for easy creation of features and labels for machine learning applications. You can pass metrics from along with numeric parameters to create highly customizable data sets to which machine learning algorithms can then be applied. Examples can be found in the documentation for


Please help us by reporting any problems you find and sharing your ideas for new features.

If you find a bug or think of a feature you would like to see included in the next release, please report the issue on GitHub in accordance with the Scipy guidelines.

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