Interest rates (pynance.interest)

pynance.interest.compgrowth(annual_growth, years)[source]

Compound annual_growth over given years.

pynance.interest.compret(annual_interest, years)[source]

Compound annual_interest over given years


Convert continuous compounding rate to annual growth

pynance.interest.growthfromrange(rangegrowth, startdate, enddate)[source]

Annual growth given growth from start date to end date.


Convert annual growth to continuous compounding rate

pynance.interest.loanpayment(amount, rate, n_payments)[source]

Amount of a constant loan payment.


amount : float

amount of loan

rate : float

interest rate for the given payment, i.e., monthly interest if the loan is to be paid off monthly.

n_payments : int

number of payments to be made.


out : float

amount to be paid each period.

pynance.interest.pvannuity(ret, n)[source]

Present value of n payments of size 1.0 given an interest rate per payment interval of ret

pynance.interest.retfromrange(rangeret, startdate, enddate)[source]

Annual return given return from start date to end date.

pynance.interest.yrlygrowth(total_growth, years)[source]

Determine the annual growth from the growth over an arbitrary time span.

pynance.interest.yrlyret(total_interest, years)[source]

Determine annual interest from interest compounded over an arbitrary time span.

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